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What is the Plus for?

CalAdvent Plus provides one main advantage over the free/base CalAdvent application, and that is the ability to create your own themes. While both versions allow the importing of new themes, only the Plus version of the application, allows for creating new themes.
CalAdvent Plus also allows cloning of the built in themes allowing them to be modified without needing to create a new theme from scratch..

Theme Creation

There are four types of themes that can be created which are all wrapped up into an object called a "Theme Pack".

  • Ornament: This type of theme is for what is unlocked each day and is placed on the display.
  • Background: This type of theme provides a background and foreground to frame the display.
  • Display: This type of theme is for where the ornaments will be placed and is the focal point of the countdown.
  • Sound: This type of theme defines the background music and sound effects when interacting with the countdown.

The Plus application provides a built in editor that allows the creation of all four types of themes which make up the Theme Pack. Once the Theme Pack is in a valid state (only one type of theme is required) it can be exported and shared with others.

How to get CalAdvent Plus?

CalAdvent Plus is only available in Apple's App Store in the United States.
The application only cost $0.99 (before tax) so it doesn't cost very much at all.

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