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November 19th, 2023: CalAdvent Plus Is going to go on sale during the Thankgiving weekend starting on Black Friday and extending through Cyber Monday.

June 26th, 2022: CalAdvent/CalAdvent Plus 2.0.1 is ready to be released and should be released on June 30th. This update is just to support new devices and the newest iOS versions along with some bug fixes.

November 1st, 2020: CalAdvent/CalAdvent Plus 2.0 is ready to be released on Thanksgiving. The main addition is an update to how the ornament themes work as they now allow for themes to provide a rarity to ornaments.

April 26th, 2020: Development on Version 1.5 for CalAdvent Plus and Version 1.4.1 for CalAdvent has finished. The plan is to release the updates at the end of April.

January 5th, 2020: Development on Version 1.5 for CalAdvent Plus and Version 1.4.1 for CalAdvent has been in progress for a few weeks now. However, most of the development work is focused on CalAdvent Plus opposed to CalAdvent.

November 3rd, 2019: Version 1.4 is nearing the end of development and should be released before end of the month.

September 8th, 2019: Version 1.3 was released today and development on Version 1.4 has started.

September 1st, 2019: Version 1.3 is nearing the end of development and should be released before end of the month.

June 23rd, 2019: Version 1.2 has been completed. It is scheduled for release it at the end of the month.

April 28th, 2019: Development on Version 1.2 has started and an improvement to the sound selection has been implemented.

March 3rd, 2019: Development on Version 1.1 has been completed. So you can expect the release of the update to happen later this month.

December 16th, 2018: Version 1.0.1 has been released and the 2019 road map for updates has been created.

December 2nd, 2018: Development on Version 1.0.1 has started and the plan is to release it before the end of the year. This will be a small update focusing on bug fixes and support for the new iPad Pro devices.

November 3rd, 2018: Version 1.0 has been approved for release so please look forward to the application being released later this month.

What is CalAdvent:

CalAdvent in a nutshell is a theme based Advent Calendar. However, it is not limited to be used for counting down to Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas or any other date you want with this app. By default the app is configured for your Advent Calendar needs, but the end date, number of days and themes can be changed to match your countdown needs. For up to 31 days before the target date, one ornament will be unlocked a day allowing it to be placed on the tree/display. You can admire or rearrange the ornaments at anytime. You can even shake the device to trigger a celebration that can change the countdown scene into a snow globe.

The application comes built in with a few themes (with more to come), but it also supports importing custom made theme packs that were created and exported from "CalAdvent Plus" (which is only available in the US).


The application comes with the following built-in themes:

  • Grandma's (Theme Pack)
  • 8-Bit Christmas (Theme Pack)
  • Nativity Scene (Theme Pack)
  • Easter (Theme Pack)
  • Emoji (Theme Pack)
  • Halloween (Theme Pack)
  • 16-Bit Tree (Display Theme)


  • 2.0.1 - June 30th 2022
  • 2.0 - November 26th 2020
  • 1.5/1.4.1 - April 30th 2020
  • 1.4 - November 28th 2019
  • 1.3 - September 8th 2019
  • 1.2 - June 30th 2019
  • 1.1 - March 6th 2019
  • 1.0.1 - December 11th 2018
  • 1.0 - November 22nd 2018

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